DBS Update

Shop Changes Concerning Candles & A Moment To Share My Heart

I come bearing some not-so-fun news.

With a heavy heart, I have chosen to scale back on candles. I started DBS with the intent of creating a space to sell my art. I wanted to create a community and a safe space to share with others. I started making candles to create some fresh pop culture candle designs, and they seemed to blow up overnight. Candles have allowed me to meet many lovely people and create many connections. I will forever be grateful for the candle's popularity and everyone's support of them.

The Why

That said, I have been at a crossroads for a few months. I am sure you have noticed a slowdown in new art/content. I currently work as a full-time graphic designer, and my husband now works full-time as a doctor. We have both had less and less time to work on candles. And unfortunately, I have sacrificed making new art and designs to manage the candle demand. I have put off making any decision considering the candles for fear I would disappoint or alienate the DBS supporters. But I am finally making the call after debating with myself for several months.

Scaling Back

For now, I will only have a few candles available at once and will rotate what is available. I know many people will find this extraordinarily disappointing, and I am very sorry. This decision has caused me many months of anxiety, but I feel this is the right decision. This page-turn can be considered a "returning to the roots." I started DBS with the express purpose of selling art, and I think the stress over the candles is the universe making a choice very clear to me.

Change Is Necessary

Change uncomfy as hell, but it's essential for growth. I look forward to this new adventure, and I hope you'll stick around with me through it. Patreon will allow me more time to create art to share. In fact, I am starting a Patreon to share ALL of my work and to be able to talk to everyone. It will allow me to create conversations and ask what kind of designs you want to see. Stay tuned for more updates on my Patreon!

TLDR; Thank you for all your support over the past few years with candle creation. It is now time for the sun to set on that era of DBS. Much love and gratitude. ❤️

Enjoy the bonus image of the first ever listing I created with Etsy in 2015. An authentic letterpress poster I made while experimented with letterpress printing.